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Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

What a year.

So far, this year has proven incredibly exciting and challenging. And different. You didn't hear from me due several reasons - I like to say the most important are my current workload of two jobs plus a little freelancing plus studying and living in the new house with this incredibly big garden that needs so much attention. But that's only part of the truth.

When my workload started to rise late last year, I realized that in order to pursue my coffee related activities, I'd need way more money than I'd possibly possess before I receive my diploma and way more time than I'd possibly have spare before I receive my diploma. So I began to pull my head out of coffee-related activities, especially the ones my conscience reminded me that what I wanted was quality and education, not smiling faces and oh-ahs for a little latte-art with a rubb(er)ish coffee base. With that pull-out, the constant challenge of my own tastes diminished a little, and the perception of what I consumed slowly faded.

I stopped participating in coffee forums, stopped blogging about it, and after a very teaching experience at the last cuptasting competition in February I even stopped worrying about competitions in general (I do worry about the state of specialty coffee in germany, but that's a whole different story. The very ambitiuos and knowledgeable three guys over at Radical Coffee are trying hard to change that though and I sincerly hope they succeed with their approach and get the response that they deserve in the professional barista and coffee scene).

It took all but a single cup of brewed coffee to change that for a moment. Here I am, browsing coffee blogs again when I actually should get some work done, catching up on what I missed the past half-year or so, enjoying every single sip of that cup like I haven't done in quite some time (it's a Nicaraguan, Limoncillio from hasbean.co.uk by the way) and realize that I still have it in me. The passion is still there, and so are my plans for the future. When time and money permit, I'll be back. In the meantime, I'll be a systems administrator and programmer and student and drink the occasional exceptional cup of coffee. Perhaps I might even get to fix my espresso machine though that's unlikely for the near future.

That's all for today. And might be so for the next few months or even a year or two on this blog. But watch this space. Apologies for all that expected me at different venues the last year or just didn't hear a word from me.

Dienstag, 19. August 2008

Being an admin and doing things right:


Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008

GnuPG frustration

Now I know why secure encryption hasn't made it into the daily use of the masses yet. When it isn't even possible to do simple things for developers, how are developers supposed to make it easy for users? Yeah, crypto is hard'n'stuff and I'm no crypto expert at all. But heck, there should be a working way for generating keys, encrypting, decrypting and signing messages using non standard homedirectories with python and gpg.

Gah. I need easier crypto.

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2008

prepare to compete

The competition is now three weeks ahead and I'm getting nervous. Last friday, David and I had a little training evening at Edzard's MuffinMann. He impressed me with his stunning and well-thought-of signature beverage. With a few small changes it'll be really great!

That evening also tought me that I'm too unprepared yet. No concept, only ideas floating around - at least I do have a working (though very risky) signature beverage! The next three weeks will be weeks of intense training (as intense as I can do at home).

I am very glad that Kaffeespezialität's Dr. Walter Charzewski is willing to roast the coffee for me. One of the two coffees I'll use is already set - if you know me, you'll have no real difficulties to guess what's it. For the other, I'll expect a pack of samples within a few days for me to experiment with - I have a general idea, but not made up my mind yet.

If you don't know where to order your next batch from, you really should try Walter's coffee. If you know already, heck, do so regardless ;), as he is one of the very few roasters I know that stock real quality coffee, and from what I taste in the cup he does put real effort and care into getting the best out of the bean.

Matari again

I talked about the Yemen Matari before. Three days ago, did another batch - after talking to Walter about my homeroasting methods - and it turns out to be much much better than on my last try. I still can taste it after finishing the cup half an hour ago, and it sit's really nice there on the back of my tongue. I get very nice wooden notes from it, though I do like the roasted wood that I got from Walter's roast more. My homeroast is still not as good as Walter's (of course!), but the race is getting closer (as in - only 100 miles behind, not 1000). Stunning coffee.

Am I a pro barista?

On sunday, I did my first video shooting and cutting (well Jessica shoot, I cut) - see here (or here for the bigger flash variant). This was for a german 'home-latte-art-contest', where you can win a trip to Costa Rica. It's not for people working in gastronomy, but home users, so called amateurs (whom I believe most of are better at producing good coffee than many so-called pros are - but that's an entirely different thing). So here's the question:

What am I?

I didn't work in gastronomy since August '07, and my work in the Café was a side job for nearly two years. Can I call myself a Pro Barista only because of having had a side job in a Café? Or because I competed last year in the german Baristachampionships and placed 11th?

Can I call myself an Amateur Barista because I read TMC all day long, have nifty (though not pricey!) equipment at home, roast for my pleasure and love what I'm doing at home? All I do coffee-wise happens in my kitchen currently, as you can see on the video. And it happens mostly for my own pleasure. And I pay retail prices, not bulk.

It'll be interesting to see what comes out of this home-latte-art-contest. Currently, I'm the only entrant. I hope that changes, though, but I do of course also hope I won't be disqualified and win the journey. I mean - hey come on - a trip to Costa Rica! :)

Sonntag, 29. Oktober 2006

What a weekend

Oh my. During my shift yesterday, one of our two machines broke down. On a saturday midday during rushhour. Not funny. All of a sudden my shift extended itself by about 2 hours - so I was in the shop from 8am to around 7pm.

I then went to a friend to borrow her car for the night. While driving home, It's dynamo broke down, too. Not funny.

Next day, the car was working again. Drove 60km to bring my fiancee home. Drove back. After 20km, the front-right wheel went bang. Not funny. Well, however, the funny thing was that that very wheel already was the spare wheel. Really not funny ...

I think I need some sleep. Maybe I just shouldn't touch any mechanical thing in the next days. How good that computers are mainly non-mechanical ... argh.

Mittwoch, 16. August 2006

Feeds working again

I hate technical meta-nonsense on weblogs. Nevertheless, the feeds do work again.

Dienstag, 15. August 2006

No more feeds

Due to my technical incompetences, feeds are unavailable for the moment. Need some time to work on it.

Samstag, 8. April 2006

Seen on a coffee forum

"We soon open a Cafe-Bar in ABigCity and need a qualified barista showing us how to prepare specialty coffee beaverages".

Had a good laugh. I think I'll visit them when they opened, just to see if they found a qualified barista.

Dienstag, 4. April 2006


Oh, was ich noch erwähnen wollte:

Einer der Gründe, warum ich so lange nichts hab von mir hören lassen, war, dass ich die Zugangsdaten für mein altes Blog verpeilt habe. Und überhaupt keinen Nerv hatte, mich irgendwie mit Datenbanken, Serendipity und/oder PHP auseinanderzusetzen, so dass ich einfach nichts schreiben konnte. Und ich hätte wirklich gewollt, zum Beispiel über die westdeutschen Ausscheidungen der deutschen Baristameisterschaften in Dortmund, oder das finale derselben in Köln. Oder den Kaffee im Coffee-Store und den Kaffee im Edwards, oder diese verrückten Menschen, die man auf toomuchcoffee.com findet.

Wie gut, dass mich das alles irgendwann so sehr genervt hat, dass ich mir jetzt ein neues kleines schickes Blog mit Hilfe von django gebaut und diesen ganzen PHP-Kram einfach weggeworfen habe.

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