Freitag, 14. April 2006

Kopi Luwak

I got the chance yesterday to taste an indonesian Kopi Luwak. An experience I totally enjoyed! We were visiting Hamburg and Burg's Kaffeemuseum, where they got a new bag of Kopi Luwak waiting on the port, but also had some left on stock. So, after seeing a nice tv report about the "origins" of this coffee, it got served in a small french press, together with two glasses of water and a tasting spoon.

I must say it smelled like a lot of chocolate, but I didn't find chocolate in the cup afterwards. It was a very mild coffee, and did strange things to the palate. The taste was very nice, though, but it left a very long lasting aftertaste in the whole mouth. I'm very sad that I can't remember the exact taste. I need more palate training!

On the roasting department, the new roaster I brought from Hamburg is heavy iron, but is a pity to clean. So, I did a short pan-roast, with the cheap blend that Mr. Burg did for me (for roast-testing purposes). It tastes like cheap coffee which was unevenly roasted, which is not really a surprise. But at least it's not charcoil!

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